AOG Plane

We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft in the air.

Whether you are a PDQ contract partner or a one-off caller, we have you covered.

If you have a genuine AOG and we are showing inventory on ILS, Partsbase or on the PDQ stock interrogator,, please then call 01425 200055 where your enquiry will be processed by our on call duty officer in our UK or Singapore office. Please take note that if you order goods you will in turn be required to call the AOG officer to ensure the order has been received and actioned in accordance with your requirement.

Additionally please be aware that our UK Warehouse is now permanently closed at the weekend between the following hours, meaning any AOG requiring immediate collection during these hours, will not be possible.

Friday 20.00 hrs. – Saturday 07.00 hrs.
Saturday 17.00 hrs. – Sunday 07.00 hrs.
Sunday 17.00 hrs. – Monday 07.30 hrs.

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