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Consumable Care Services

Consumable management has many hidden costs with so many ‘out of hand’ variables to consider which can easily be overlooked. By offering our customers a single source supply with guaranteed stock availability, PDQ can guarantee significant time, financial and logistical benefits as well as reducing many operational burdens along the way. We have a dedicated contracts team to assist customers and essentially run the programme for them.

Warehouse procedures are streamlined and accounting is simplified with one invoice, from one source, once a month. The flexibility of our programs means they can be tailored and combined to meet the individual demands of our customer’s operational needs. With fixed pricing, this also helps our customers operate their business models, costs and budgets from an operation standpoint, saving time and money once again.

Benefits Include

  • No MOV
  • No MOQ
  • Reduced freight charges
  • No chasing multiple vendors
  • Stock on hand at all times
  • Reduced costs associated with paying multiple suppliers
  • Reduced goods-in for logistics
  • Enhanced Supporting IT Systems
  • More Frontline Support & Warehouse Staff
  • Increased Reporting Capability
  • No hidden costs orĀ admin fees
  • Regular reviews

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